Gabor Fitness Graduated 20-25mm Hg Compression Running Leg Sleeves, Large, Black

February 12, 2017 | Performance | By Dr Ben | 0 Comments

Product Features

  • 80% Nylon, 20% LYRCA with Premium Stitched Reflector Safety Stripes
  • Calf compression sleeves are ideal for reducing shin splint pain, reducing muscle vibration and proven to limit swelling
  • Recover faster by providing optimal blood flow to oxygen depraved muscles
  • Breathable and comfortable, our sleeves provide true graduated compression designed to help you train harder and recover even faster
  • Warm up safely & quickly, improves muscle support, fights fatigue & soreness
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Product Description

Gabor Fitness’ Calf & Shin Compression Support Sleeves offer high adaptability wrapping and support key muscle groups to reduce movement and muscle vibration, while providing decreasing compression. The graduated compressive technology will increase blood circulation, keeping your muscles warmer while boosting blood oxygenation, therefore reducing fatigue or possible damage to muscles.

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